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Jednym z zadań projektu "Katyń - ocalić od zapomnienia" , było przygotowanie krótkiej notatki prezentującej postać naszego bohatera. Uczniowie pod kierunkiem pana Piotra Stasiaka świetnie wywiązali się z tego zadania.
Zapraszamy do poczytania.



Tadeusz Majchrzak – second lieutenant in the Polish Army reserve


1913 – 1940


He was born on 6th March 1913 in Jasin near Swarzędz.

His parents were an insurgent in the Greater Poland uprising Jan Majchrzak and Wiktoria nee Woźniak. He had five siblings, the sisters: Urszula, Stanisława, Leokadia, as well as two brothers: Michał and Teofil.

In 1934 he graduated from Mikołaj Kopernik Middle School in Katowice and was awarded a matura diploma. Two years later he underwent a military training at the Officer Cadets of Infantry Reserve School in Zambrów. In 1938 he was commissioned Second Lieutenant. Then he worked at the mine “Piast – Lędziny” as a forwarding agent. In August 1939 he was conscripted into the 73rd Infantry Regiment in Katowice. The circumstances of how he became a prisoner of war of the Soviet Army remain unknown. He was arrested in Russia. In November 1939 he was in hospital in Kiev, from which he sent a letter dated 14th November to his sisters “My dear Sisters, first of all, I would like to let you know that I am alive and detained in Russia. For the time being I am in hospital in Kiev. So far I am doing fine and my condition is not very serious. Therefore, there is a chance that I might return home. […] Tadeusz”.

Next, he was imprisoned in a prisoner-of-war camp in Kozielsk.

He was murdered on 20th April in Katyń.

He was posthumously promoted to lieutenant. In spring 1943 his sister read in a German newspaper about the discovery of mass graves in Katyń and among the names of the victims found the name of her brother.